Junkers: Some Assembly Required

Danny aguilar junkers 1920x1080
Danny aguilar 20150805 201648000 ios
Danny aguilar 20150805 181352000 ios
Danny aguilar junkers1 1024x776
Danny aguilar design ui 3

For my last project for Graduate School I was the art lead of Junkers, a low poly tactical card game for Ipad. my role was to help set the visual style of the game and to ensure all assets could meet platform requirements and that our art pipeline ran smoothly. To help do this I used substance painter to help speed up the props and environment creation process. Link to some gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=296&v=S-85N2HW6g4&ab_channel=MichaelCarlock

October 19, 2016